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GTA Restoration Buildings Emergency Fire Disaster Management Cycle

GTA Restoration Emergency Response on Standby in Toronto 24/7

Maintenance of any piece of equipment is what increases its Emergency Restoration Response. Almost everything in our life needs proper maintenance on a frequent basis to make everything run in perfect order. This brings us to the topic at hand, what to do when you are having problems with your house. The environmental disaster to artificial problems, all of them will show up without any proper warning or notification. It is always up to the owner to make sure they are prepared to handle the worst without damaging anything in the house.

But the damage is inevitable, the best the protection will do is lessen the damage for teaching extensive level. Keeping the house without any repair after the damage iwi makes things much worse. Countless time problems have happened on a large scale where people refuse to listen to the engineer or anyone tries to point out the problem with the house. Avoiding the problems will put the house in more trouble, this will reach a point of no return or it can lead to a total disaster. It is better to take the steps and fix the problem than wait and see.

This article will take you through all the problems that will affect your house and your living standard. Going through each step will help you make an educated decision at the end. When you know about the problem and what it does to the house, you will take better steps to bring the house back to life by shutting down the problem. Before we move on to the remedy first we have to take a stronger look at the things that hold back the house. Natural disasters and artificial handling are one of the common ways a house faces a serious amount of damages.

Natural Disasters Management

Natural disasters of any type will lead to the creation of all sorts of problems that will halt the life of anyone who has been affected by the disaster. Plenty of people have no idea on how to deal with events in this citation. As sometimes the disaster strikes without any notification and people have zero ideas on what to do and how to properly handle the citation without making matters worse. Flood is dangerous, and it will bring plenty of harm at the initial stage, but what follows also carries the same, if not, more dangerous risk for the people living in the house or apartment.

The damage will get done to all the areas of the building. Nearly everything will come in contact with water, not only will it make the living worse but it will make it hazard-friendly. Living in space will make life worse as many microorganisms will start to create unfriendly areas of the house. Soon they will change the environment to a breeding ground for more microbes to be born. This is why the government educates people on various steps and guidelines to handle them vs voles in the flood disaster.

Here we go through step by step assessing the problem and finding a solution for each one of them. Sometimes the small problem can be easily handled without the presence of an Emergency Restoration Response team of professionals by your side. And in many cases, especially with flood disasters, the guidelines of professionals will be needed for proper containment of the problem from spreading further into other regions.

Flooding Water Damage

GTA Restoration Flood Emergency Disaster Management Cycle Process

Damage caused by the flood can last for a lifetime. Houses located in a coastal area suffer from this issue every year. There are plenty of factors that do get played to ensure how much damage the house has suffered from the flood. A proper evaluation will give you the amount of money that you will need to spend on fixing and protecting your property in the long run. It is one of the natural disasters that can happen without any warning. The dangerous aspect of any flood is its severity.

The impact of floods is what makes the entire thing very dangerous. If the flood is severe then it will do plenty of food damage which later will cost more or higher cost of fixing. If you don’t have anyone how flood works and how much damage it does to a house. This section will provide you with all the details to know how dangerous flooding is and the steps you can take to limit the damage and fix the problem before it's too late.

How can flood damage your house?

There are countless ways a flood can damage the house, and this section will go through all of them so you will get an idea of what is going to happen when the flood hits the house. If your home has been damaged by a flood, then there are guidelines that can help you on what to do in this citation. Going back to the house without any proper check-up will put your and your family’s life in jeopardy. So a proper check-up will let you see all the flaws in the system so you repair the problems.

Structural and Electrical Damage

Flood damage will take a huge toll on the structural foundation of the house. Here the most vulnerable aspects will be loose bulking floors, roofs, cracks, and many other weak elements that will take a heavy blow from the flood attack. Any kind of cracks will let the water inside the wall, where it will damage the electrical outlets. Here it is better to stop touching any wire that is connected to the electrical supplies. These are some of the major places where the flood will have a negative effect.

Appliance Water Damage

The kitchen has a lot more equipment than just plants and forks. The heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, water heaters, and refrigerators will be compromised by the floodwater. The first thing that people, when the floodwaters get into the house, is to turn off the electricity. This makes the place hundreds of times safer for the appliances in the house and the family members from mistakenly touching them. CDC also asks people to throw any bad food away from the house to reduce the effect of flood damage. Lack of refrigeration will spoil a lot of food.

- Mold Contamination

It takes around 24 to 48 houses for mold to grow on a damp surface. Building materials, personal clothes, and functionality will be affected by mold contamination. The best way to get rid of the mold is by drying out your belongings after they come in contact with floodwater. You can use the fan or dehumidifiers to prevent the model process but do it once the electrician agrees for you to turn on the electricity.

- Water Damage & Septic System

Septic tank filters can get clogged with debris after a flood, the clogging in the system will prevent the tank from accepting water. It needs to be inspected and tested as soon as possible to see if it works or not. Testing your water before drinking it will be very critical for your health.

Steps you can take after flooding!

GTA Restoration Emergency Water Damage Disaster Management Cycle Process

Most of the time the severity of the floods forces people to evacuate their house to a safe location. If that is the case then you should not return to your residence until the local authorities allow you to do so. Even if you return to your house, make sure to check everything before thinking about using it.

Be cautious and observe the conditions of the house before entering the building. If you see any downed power lines then it is better to avoid them. Water can become electrically charged, stepping on might not be a great idea to do so after flood damage.

If you have insurance, then it is time to take a picture of your belongings that were damaged from the flood. Make sure to contact your insurance manager and let them know about the event. Most insurance companies do provide flood insurance policies, but you will not get these features when you are on a standard insurance policy.

These are some of the ways a flood will affect your house. Your house will require emergency plumbing to remove all the dangerous parts out of your system. The longer it stays the more damage it will inflict on the house and other accessories attached to the house. Taking care of them is only how you would get your life back together in a house that will be normal and secure to use.

Water Damage Categories

Something so simple as water can bring plenty of dangerous elements to your house leaving it broken. There are categories of water that you should know to speculate the damage it can do to your place in a  natural disaster. Below you are going to water is categorized into three different parts. Each section shows water in a different state than what it used to be in the previous category. This will give you the clue to how water changes its form once it gets evolved into the next stage.

●     Category #1 - Clean Water

Most of the residents have access to clean water as they use it on a daily basis. But an overflowing source of clean water will break the domestic water supply lines, malfunction the appliances, make toils useless. Clean water if not controlled well will deteriorate the structure surfaces and content materials.

●     Category #2 - Gray Water

Here, unlike clean water, common water will have a significant degree of chemicals and biological contamination. Overflow of this water will cause discomfort and sickness in a person. This kind of water is also referred to as gray water. Gray water is known to carry microorganisms that come with more harm than any benefits whatsoever. Normally in a house, gray water gets discharged from dishwashers and washing machines, overflow from toilet bowls, condensate water, fire protection sprinkler water.

This kind of water contains chemicals and bio-contaminants such as fungal, bacterial, and viral algae. This raises the contamination to an alarming level. Gray water in a flooded structure if not treated well in time will turn into black water.

●     Category #3 Black Water

Normally people have 24 to 38 hours to treat the gray water otherwise it will turn into black water. When water is called black water, it contains pathogenic agents arising from sewage and other contaminated water sources affecting the indoor environment. The color of the water will also change, usually, that gives the sign of damaged water. The water in this category includes sewage rainwater mixed with rising water from rivers and streams. All of them work together to create the properties behind black water.

The best step to follow after you are having doubts about the water quality in your house after flood damage is to conduct a heavy inspection. The inspection will give you all the clues that you need to make a serious decision at the end. The inspection has to be detailed and it should cover all the aspects of water migration in the house. It must take in the affected materials and the degree of damage water has done to the appliances in the house. This information will paint the final picture of how much it will cost to fix the problem.

Here is the list of comprehensive inspections that get performed after water inspection. Each step will help reveal a lot of useful information about water damage in the house.

- Identifying the health and safety hazards
- Determining the source of water
- Inspecting the water damage rate
- Analyzing the scope area
- Evaluating the materials on the floor
- Checking the inventories and other content items
- Evaluating the HVAC system.
- Checking on the structural materials

Process of Dehumidification.

After a proper analysis comes emergency plumbing to stop the problem at the right time. Removal of excess water is the only way to restore a house back to its previous state. This will get done by physical methods such as mopping, soaking up the excess moisture from hard surfaces. If the amount of water in the house is beyond the limit of the normal level, then using pumps is the best way to remove the water from the house to the outside. Removing excess water requires a lot of technical equipment. After that comes evaporation.

When the excess water is removed then the remaining water must be turned into the liquid to a vapor by the process of evaporation. This gets done by using air-moving equipment. This equipment will successfully remove the moisture in the air making the place moisture-free. Once the moisture is out of the structural materials then it will get into the air, this will then get removed by the process of dehumidification. Failure to remove moisture in the air will result in secondary damage that will present a health hazard in the place.

Once the dehumidification process has been completed it is time to control the temperature of the place. The growth of microorganisms is all related to the temperature in the house. Modifying the temperature will reduce the growth of microorganisms. Any structure that has been damaged needs to be monitored for initial assessment and evaluation.

Sewage Backup Contamination Clean-up!

GTA Restoration Emergency Flooding Disaster Management Cycle Process

Water damage is well known to most people. As it can create hazardous situations faster and risk the health of the people living in the house or in an apartment. Because water carries plenty of microorganisms that help it to grow to further levels. It can also carry plenty of pathogens and allergens that are harmful to humans. These are the ways something as simple as water can create a biohazard in the living environment.

Sewage problems require appropriate actions that will suppress the extensive damage to the furnishing and other parts of the building in time. The cause behind the problem will not show up after the elapse of several days. Not taking any action will make the matter much worse where disease-causing microorganisms will soon start to take place in the area. The water inside found in the building wall will help the microbial to grow on structural materials and contents.

Which takes us to the sewage control in the house. Controlling the content of sewage will keep the environment safe from getting any sort of harm. There are three ways this problem can be dealt with in the worst-case scenario events. Different scenarios will require their own way of dealing with the problem instead of enhancing it,

Case #1 - Kitchen Sink Backup Sewage Contamination

This is where waste is found in one specific location and is contained. There are no traces of waste in other areas of the building structure.  Samm amount of waste leads to less exposure and less contact time. If the contact time is less, then the waste has not been contaminated with other forms of disinfection making matters worse. The limited quantity of waste can easily be controlled without any sort of potential health risk.

Case #2 - Bathroom Sink Backup Sewage Contamination

In this case, we see water and waste get involved in the building’s structure and furnishings. This where a limited amount of waste is confined to a small area of the building. Unlike case 1, here we see a small area of the building confined to this situation. But the infiltration of the waste will be difficult to remove as it would be some of the most complex areas of the building. Here decontamination includes drying out all the surfaces that have come in contact with the sewage and use of disinfectant on the carpet. The wall material needs to be evaluated properly, if it is not damaged well then the use of disinfectant will get the job done poorly. If the situation is worse, then the walls need to be replaced.

Case #3 - Toilet Backup Sewage Contamination

In this situation, waste has been widely dispersed and penetrates the structure and its furnishings. Here humans will be exposed to the raw waste that has penetrated the building and furnishings. Humans will come in contact with pathogenic raw wastes that have penetrated the walls and their furnishing. This case will require a complete evacuation of the occupants from the building. So a proper method can be followed to restore the sewage process completely.

The professionals here will have to be equipped with respirators, HEPA cartridges, rubber boots, gloves, splash goggles, and other protective measurements that will keep them safe from catching anything or coming in close with any sort of bacteria. The restoration process here won’t be as easy as in the last two cases. This situation requires better control over the problem, the restoration professionals here have to make sure they don’t puncture wounds during the process. If a staff member has open cuts or sores, then they should stay away from the project.

Decontamination using a Disinfectant.

In these cases remediation should be processed as soon as possible, the longer the contamination is allowed to be in the environmental area, the greater the damage it will be in the future. Certainly, the rise of microbial growth will affect the cleaner environment of the living space. If the assessment reports the problem to be bigger than the unprotected occupants and workers should evacuate from the affected areas. This should get done in the initial stages of decontamination. After the water removal, any affected materials should be decontaminated by disinfectant spray. Although they will do a fantastic job in reducing the contamination of these objects, they are never the solution for a 100% clean-up.

Each material should be evaluated for its contamination level. So effective measurement can be taken afterward. If heavier organic matter is present, then it should be physically removed by using shovels, squeegees, septic pump trucks, wet vacuums, or any moisture extraction machines. If the material is residual organic matter, it can be cleaned by using a disinfectant. The extraction unit must be followed after the disinfectant solution to prevent the migration of contaminants. If an object was part of the heavier organic matter then it must be decontaminated again after the first decontamination using a disinfectant.

A thorough cleaning of all contaminated material will keep most of the material safe from infection. After the second application of disinfectant must be followed.

Mold Removal & Remediation

Flood-damaged houses will need special care to remove the model properly. Not taking quick action will make the mold grow in a larger proportion. If a material stays in the water for longer than three days, then the mold would start appearing on the parts of the model. If it goes untreated, the expansion of mold will begin, and quickly it will create a health hazard for the people living in the area. This will reach a point where it will be much more difficult to control the mold. All of this will happen because of the delay in cleaning up and drying out.

If the mold starts to appear on the parts of the house, then it's better to take pictures of the insurance claims. Some insurance companies do not cover mold removal. So if that is the case with yours then taking the action by yourself is the best way to deal with the problem. Mold is a type of fungi that breaks down dead materials. All They need to grow in an environment is the right type of environment.

A flooded area makes an excellent breeding ground for mold to grow on and expand to larger areas. They prefer to be in a moisture, nutrient area to be a place to expand. The main ingredient of their growth is moisture. In a flood region, this will be the case in almost every part of the area. But there are ways to deal with mold problems effectively. Depending on the proportion of the mold infection, you can take the action by yourself or give a call to professionals to take care of them.

As they will be much more equipped with all the right parts to deal with mold problems and take them out effectively out of the living environment. Here are the steps that get the mold removal process started.

- First thing first, safety, you must equip yourself with all the right gear, because at the end of the day, you are dealing with mold.

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Air Quality Testing How is your air quality in your home Toronto

Interpretation of Mold Spores from Air Test Results

What is the Acceptable Level for Indoor Mold Spores Testing Result - Guide for mold count levels: acceptable and unacceptable?

One of the highest accepted methods of assessing indoor air quality testing and its effects on all building's occupants iare usually the analysis of indoor air quality testing samples. Often these types of air samples are acquired using portable vacuum pumps that are calibrated to pull airflow through a tube at a specific volume of air per minute. The airflow that is pulled into the pump is trapped in a specially made cassette that contains an adhesive slide. Fungal, bacterial spores, airborne particulate that matters are deposited into the adhesive slide, which is then are analyzed under a microscope.

The analysis of these mold spore tape slides can provide results relatively accurately quickly because the samples don't require culturing or growing fungal spores. However, produce spores that are very similar as to not be distinguishable by visual from analysis alone and are grouped together, e.g., Aspergillus/Penicillium. And still, other mold spore types lack identifiable characteristics and do get counted as the part of the larger group, such as Ascospores and Basidiospores.

Typically, all fungus spores assessment of indoor air quality takes into account not only the analysis result of the indoor air samples but also the comparison of these bacterial spore results to all levels of fungi and other airborne in an outdoor air sample. Bacterial spore count levels in indoor air samples most generally should be lower than levels in outdoor air quality samples. Indoor bacteria spore counts that usually are lower than outdoor spore counts; however, we do not automatically indicate that usually the indoor air quality testing is acceptable. High-level counts of individual types of spores count of the total spores in indoor air quality samples may indicate fungus mold growth inside buildings. The conclusions are that indoor mold growth is occurring might be strengthened further if mold spore flowering bodies – called hyphae – they also are identified in the indoor air sample.

There are many other types of considerations to keep in mind when comparing outdoor comparison spore counts to indoor spore counts. The outside aerobiology is not always constrained because of the variable from the change of outside weather. For example, in the winter seasons, the spore count is always low outside samples. Similarly is in rainy weather causes spores to get washed away or tamped down from outside surfaces, resulting in a lower spore count in air samples. Also, in a warmer weather, the evaporation process can as well cause mold spores to rise in the air. Outside air quality has less influence on indoor air quality, on more energy-efficient buildings as well as people's tendency do sometimes leave windows closed and rely use on indoor air conditioning. As a result, when particular species of mold spores – Stachybotrys / Chaetomium, for example – are found in indoor samples cassettes, even in a low count, their presence indicates a seriously high level of indoor mold issue because these mold spore types are not found in outdoor samples.


Raw Spores Count – the number of mold spores actually identified and counted on the adhesive air sample slideSpores per Cubic Meter (Count/m3) – calculated by raw spore count x (1000/(rate of air test sampling) x (sampling test time)The Total Background – Amount of particulate matter fragments present on the slide; graded from 1-5 to 1 being very little, while other debris ratings of 5 are unreadable. The higher the rating the most likely spores may be underestimated and overlap with background particulates.


Fibrous Particulate – Fibrous particulates can mostly come from many different sources, including clothing, floor textiles, building materials, and other paper products. They often are introduced into the air due to turbulence forces and do friction applied into these materials. Improperly cleaned or maintained airflow ventilation sometimes increases the distribution of fibrous particulates.

Skin particulates – the dead skin cells either from humans or pets. Dead skins are continually shed by all the inhabitants of a home. Thousands type of cells per day slough off from each person and into the living environment. Of course, also pets shed lots of dead skin cells. Skin cells gradually do push their way into the top layer. When they do reach the top, they die and are "weathered" by the environment from people's daily activities.

Particulate matter (PM) – and skin particulates can sometimes be inhaled into the lungs where they are absorbed into the bloodstream. They are a respiratory irritant and this can cause many pulmonary effects such as coughing, respiratory illnesses, bronchitis, lung disease, these symptoms increase airway reactivity and exacerbation of asthma. Particulate matter also are thought to have direct effects to the heart (EPA 2008c). Recent mortality studies have shown many times a statistically significant direct association between mortality and daily concentrations from particulate matter in the air space. Numerous of many studies link PM to many varieties of health effects, which include aggravated asthma, increases respiratory symptoms (irritation of the difficulty breathing, airways, coughing,), and decreases lung function in young children.

Hyphal fragments – Hyphae are small fragments from the mycelium of a mold. Mycelium is a mass of hyphae, this are vegetative of the body portion of the mold. It is very common to find numbers of hypha fragments in outdoor air quality testing and possibly in indoor dust. Their presence in the indoor air quality samples are in a high quantity or as large segments do indicate active mold growth in the building. If the conditions are suitable, the hypha fragments begins to grow and eventually lead to mold spore production.

Indoor air mold standard – There is no state or federal statutes or regulations yet regarding molds and disturbed indoor air quality. Acceptable levels for the individual from mold species since bacteria species toxicity varies highly as do the spore sizes, the weight, and other features that can affect the risk to building occupants. However, many public agencies make various publications regarding mold contamination on indoor air quality available for the public. Aspergillus / Penicillium in a "clean" residential building studies ware at a mean of 230/m3; Aspergillus / Penicillium in buildings are known to have moisture and or flooding problem was at 2235/m3; Aspergillus / Penicillium in mold-contaminated buildings was at 36,037/m3.

The publication, From American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (Air Quality Testing Sampling Instruments for Evaluation of Atmospheric Contaminants 1995), they recommended from the following guidelines:

100 cfu or less for cubic meter of air quality disturbed usually indicates low risk.100 cfu to 1000 cfu for cubic meter of air quality disturbed usually indicates intermediate risk.1000 or more cfu for cubic meter of air quality disturbed usually indicates a high risk.

Many people still believe that spore count of 40 Stachybotrys or Chaetomium spores/m3. The air quality testing disturbed would be unusually high as this mold contamination is usually not normally airborne. Conversely, a count of 199 Aspergillus sp. spores/m3. The air quality in the same circumstances might be considered very clean.

After the study and reviewing the literature standards of indoor the mold spores, Enzcycle Lab, LLC They propose the following actions:

spores/m3 of air


> 500


No Action is Required


500 – 999


Remediation is required


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Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning #1 Company in Toronto.!

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Dear Sir's or Madame's,

As part of the maintenance strategies regular underground garage pressure washing is a key element to bring down the cost.

Pressure washing garage floor surface will help you remove any crystallized salts that could erode your concrete or cause chloride contamination. Clean floors help with inspection of surface coatings, reduce air pollutants and give the garage a generally appealing atmosphere. 

However, garage maintenance should neither be stressful nor over the budget project. That is where our pressure washing expertise comes in handy.

Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning Company in Toronto -Before and After

With industry experience spanning over 20 years “GTA Restoration is the Supreme Mobile Wash Group.” has the knowledge, equipment, in-house know-how, working out logistics, and the most important resource - experienced staff and supervisor team. This solid ground helps us to understand and achieve the balance between price and great service. 

Hence for the upcoming service and maintenance season we have developed pricing strategies that will help cut down your expense without compromising quality of our service.

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Parking Garage Cleaning:

As roads are becoming more densely packed with vehicles, it has become very difficult to find parking places. This is more true for extravagant cities like Toronto. As more and more people are moving in every day, every inch of land is very precious to be filled with cars. Due to this, parking agar ages are very significant to keep the city less packed. But, even though not much is required for maintaining parking garages, it is very important to have them cleaned thoroughly every once in a while.

Effort to clean a Parking garage:

As all types of vehicles are parked in these parking spaces, cleaning them reduces the chances of slip and fall injuries to vehicle owners due to oil particulates. Moreover, it makes the parking garages look more presentable and reduces the chances of drain clogging due to dirt build-up. But, while it is obviously beneficial for you, it takes a lot of effort to clean a parking garage, due to its large size. If you are looking for professional help for Parking garages cleaning in Toronto, then contact GTA Restoration Group Inc. to do the job.

Reduce Water Consumption:

GTA Restoration in Toronto's #1 Pressure Washing Company in Toronto located professional cleaners, that offers its services to industrial and commercial places. Though primarily they started off giving their services to homeowners and small commercial establishments, now they have increased their area of operations.GTA Restoration Pressure Washing Company is an EPA compliant professional cleaners that recover and recycle their water and reducing water consumption. Their equipment recycles the wastewater, which can be later reused for other jobs. For Parking garage cleaning service in Toronto, they use Deep cleaning, surface cleaning, and conventional pressure washing method to clean the garage. They spotless the garage and remove any type of impurity or oil residue. To know more about their services, you can visit their official website.

Street & Lot Sweeping Specialists that fit your needs! Toronto & Surrounding Areas

We are a premier regional street power sweeping contractor, GTA Restoration Group inc serves businesses and Homeowner Associations in Toronto & Greater Toronto Area. Whether you’re looking for a municipal or private street sweeper, retail center parking lot cleaning, or a one-time construction site clean-up, GTA Restoration provides excellent quality and customized plans to fit your needs. Call Today or message us today with your property details for a FREE consultation.

Parking Lot Sweeping In Toronto

There might be other parking lot sweepers you’ve heard about, but none of them compare to what GTA Restoration Group Toronto has to offer. We don’t just provide you with excellent, reliable services – we also provide you with the other half of the equation: outstanding customer service. When you call us, you’ll talk to a certified customer service representative. They’ll answer your questions, schedule your appointments, and make you wish that all of your other service providers were as friendly and courteous.

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Small Lots To Big Complexes – We Got You Covered

As Toronto continues to grow, we are ready to expand with it. We offer parking lot sweeping in Greater Toronto Area as well as other property maintenance services. Regardless of the size of your lot, we can work with you to put together the best maintenance plan that works for you and your budget. Whether your lot draws a lot of foot traffic or is off the beaten path, our trucks are equipped with everything we might need to keep your building looking great. Better yet, we work within your schedule.

Contact us to schedule our team to clean up during or after high traffic times of the day, or early in the morning before anyone arrives. Even if you only require clean up services after a construction or remodeling upgrade, Universal Site Services is committed to offering you the best service at a fair price.

We also offer other specialty cleaning services

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Parking Lot Maintenance

An array of proven and efficient sweeping methods to clean and beautify your property.

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Pressure Washing

Powerful method for cleaning polluted and contaminated environments.

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Day Porter Services

A daily or monthly cleaning program to upkeep your establishment.

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Landscape Services

Dedicated to creating and maintaining long-term sustainable and comprehensive landscape management programs for our clients.

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Property Maintenance

An assortment of specific services targeted to protect and renew your property.

Commercial parking garage cleaning

Graffiti Removal

Leading-edge anti-graffiti coatings and market-leading environmentally safe graffiti removal products.

COVID-19 Site Disinfecting

Cleaning Services For COVID-19GTA restoration is here to make sure your sites are cleaned and ready for employees and customers. We help eliminate the risk of dormant or residual Coronavirus agents on surfaces inside and outside of your business or property.

GTA Restoration #1 Office Disinfecting Team in Toronto

Professional Landscaping Services You Can Trust

Lush greenery or colorful flowers can help anyone feel good. Liven up your building with customized landscaping. Business parks can have a reputation for being dreary and boring. Our team can determine the best foliage to bring some color to your parking lot.

We have years of experience with starting a new landscape design from scratch or making adjustments to make an existing landscape look so much better. Maintenance does not have to be a worry as our services include irrigation, trimming, and pruning.

Property Services To Showcase Toronto’s Best

Universal Site Services specializes in more than just parking lot sweeping. A clean parking lot can get you far, but there are other things to consider to keep your property looking its best. For more intense cleaning jobs, our team can come out with a pressure washer to clean away dirt beyond the surface.

From windows to gutter cleaning, we can handle any job needed to make your property look its best. When you are a property manager or running a business, your day can be busy from sun up to sun down. Let us take some of the hard work off your plate and have your outside exterior looking great.

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Part of what makes Toronto such a unique place is that it is connected to cities and neighborhoods all over the Greater Toronto Area. People from all over flock to the Toronto Ontario area to live in one of the most beautiful regions in the world. You can find anything you could possibly need from gorgeous beaches to frantic city living. GTA Restoration is honored to serve cities all over Toronto and the GTA.

The Benefits Of Parking Lot Sweeping

Want to know how regular parking lot sweeping can help you? There are many benefits that parking lot sweeping can offer your business. From a better-looking parking lot to a space that is free of tripping and slipping hazards, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our services. Regular parking lot sweeping in Toronto and the GTA will improve the look of your building and deliver a great first impression.

Your building’s overall presentation will have a more inviting feel that will let people know that they are welcome. In addition, people will be safe as any tripping hazards or dangerous trash and debris can be taken care of before an incident occurs. While the aesthetics of your building are important, it is just as crucial to keep the environment in mind.

A clean parking lot helps the environment by discouraging littering and helps to keep air and water clean. Even our parking lot sweeping trucks are environmentally friendly and do not put harmful pollutants back into the atmosphere as we are sweeping.

- Improves the look of your building
- Helps the environment
- Puts off a great first impression
- Removes tripping hazards
- Discourages littering
- Deters rodents and wildlife
- Keeps air and water clean

Parking Lot Sweeping In Toronto And Beyond

We aren’t just parking lot sweepers in Toronto – we also offer our services to the surrounding cities. Check out our list of regularly serviced areas below:

Why Choose Us?

We Guarantee Our Work

Consumers and business owners in Toronto and the GTA have a lot of choices; select and trust GTA Restoration Group in Toronto with your parking lots and garages. Our team of professionals at GTA Restoration Group uses hot water, pre-treating methods, and a very precise high pressure to clean stubborn stains and surfaces that impact and contribute to your company’s curb appeal that GTA Restoration Group can even clean the walls within the parking structure along with walkways and driving lanes to create a sparkling clean exterior that your patrons feel safe traversing.

Making things even easier with a sweeping maintenance schedule; GTA Restoration Group in Toronto offers a maintenance plan so that you can always have your property looking clean without the hassle of scheduling, setting-up, or arranging service provision when you are busy with other things. Know that GTA Restoration Group cleaning services are 100% guaranteed and the job is not done until you- the customer- is satisfied.

If you feel that you would like to know more about current promotion please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best In Class Commercial Cleaning Services In Toronto.


Business owners may have the choice of cleaning their buildings themselves or enlisting a commercial cleaning business to clean the building for them and many find that there are various advantages offered by contracting a commercial cleaning service for this work. They additionally comprehend that there are sure things to search for in a commercial building cleaning organization. An expert commercial cleaning business meet has a few attributes that demonstrate that they can give quality services. Free yourself from the obligation of cleaning by employing a commercial cleaning business for the majority of your commercial cleaning needs.

Why Should I hire professional commercial cleaning services?

Keeping up a clean and sterile office condition is basic to the achievement of your business. Most organizations will hire an expert cleaning service to deal with this instead of enlisting a full-time janitor. GTA restoration group A cleaning service company offers cleaning services in all territories of your office. You’ll likely discover a few office cleaning organizations in your city, so you’ll need to know the one truth that is stranger than fiction for you. Despite the fact that you might look set aside extra cash, the organization with the most minimal cost isn’t generally the best arrangement. Are you looking for professional commercial cleaning services in Toronto?

Well, to make it easier for you, as the best Toronto Pressure Washing service provider. We have many years of experience in this business, unlike their competitors. The teams at GTA Restoration is #1 in Toronto for such a service provider we are well-trained and professionally handle any kind of situation. Simply call our helpline number in order to book the cleaning service. Moreover, when it comes to cleaning prices. All services offered by us are affordable in prices as compared to other service providers in Toronto and the GTA.

Tel: 416-905-0000



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Restoring residential & commercial buildings across Toronto & the GTA

GTA Restoration Services of Toronto!

Welcome to our Restoration Services Toronto Blog where you can learn all about 24-hour Emergency Plumbing Services: Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration, Flooded Basement Cleanup, Mold Removal & Remediation, Biohazard Decontamination, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Restoring Residential & Commercial Buildings all across Toronto & the GTA.

Here are the different restoration services that we offer:

Water Damage Restoration

Flood Restoration

Fire Restoration

Mold Removal Toronto

Sewage Clean up

Emergency Plumber


Home Renovation & Improvements

Odor Removal

Specialty Drying

Water Leak Detection

Property Inspection

Emergency Roof Repair

Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup

Insurance Claims

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

Condominium Restoration

GTA Restoration Services Gallery - Photos / Images!

Black mold form Toronto Home
Black Mold in Basement form Toronto Home
Carpet Water Damage Restoration in Toronto Basement
Disinfecting and Sanitizing Fogging offices
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch copy
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch1
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch2
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch3
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch4
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch5
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch6
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch7
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch8
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch9
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch10
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch11
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch12
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch13
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch14
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch15
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch16
Disinfecting and Sanitizing High Touch17
Disinfecting and Sanitizing Team
Flooded Basement and Water Damage Laminate Floor form Toronto Home 1
Flooded Basement form Toronto Home 1
Flooded Basement form Toronto Home1
Flooded Basement form Toronto Home2 1
Flooded Basement form Toronto Home4
Flooded Bussines and Water Damage Laminate Flooring in Toronto
Flooded Bussiness and Water Damage Carpet in Toronto
Flooded Carpet form Toronto home
Flooded Kitchen Store form Toronto Business
Flooded Salon form Toronto Bussines 1
unnamed file
GTAR Disinfetion Mold Removal 1
GTAR Disinfetion Team1
GTAR Disinfetion Team2
GTAR Disinfetion Team3
GTAR Disinfetion Team4
GTAR Disinfetion Team5
GTAR Disinfetion Team6
GTAR Disinfetion Team7
GTAR Disinfetion Team8
GTAR Disinfetion Team9
GTAR Disinfetion Team10
GTAR Disinfetion Team11
GTAR Disinfetion Team13
GTAR Disinfetion Team14
GTAR Disinfetion Team15
GTAR Disinfetion Team16
GTAR Disinfetion Team17
GTAR Disinfetion Team18
GTAR Disinfetion Team19
GTAR Disinfetion Team20
GTAR Disinfetion Team21
GTAR Disinfetion Team22
GTAR Disinfetion Team23
GTAR Disinfetion Team24
GTAR Disinfetion Team25
GTAR Disinfetion Team26
GTAR Disinfetion Team27
GTAR Disinfetion Team28
GTAR Disinfetion Team29
GTAR Disinfetion Team30
GTAR Disinfetion Team31
GTAR Disinfetion Team32
GTAR Disinfetion Team34
GTAR Disinfetion Team35
GTAR Disinfetion Team36
GTAR Disinfetion Team37
GTAR Disinfetion Team38
GTAR Disinfetion Team39
GTAR Disinfetion Team40
GTAR Disinfetion Team41
GTAR Disinfetion Team42
GTAR Disinfetion Team43
GTAR Disinfetion Team44
GTAR Disinfetion Team45
GTAR Disinfetion Team46
GTAR Disinfetion Team47
GTAR Disinfetion Team48
GTAR Disinfetion Team49
GTAR Disinfetion Team112
GTAR Disinfetion Team333
High End Kitchen Design
HighEnd Kitchen Design
How To Deal Fire and Smoke Damage Hazard Soot Clean up 1
How To Deal Fire and Smoke Damage Hazard Soot Cleanup
How To Deal Fire and Smoke Damage Hazard Soot Cleanups 1
How to Fully Sanitise and Decontaminate a Building After a Coronavirus Outbreak 1
Plumbing Burs Pipe form Toronto Home 1
Plumbing Burst Pipe in Toronto propery
Sanitise and Decontaminate
Unplug powers cord before dealing with water damage
Victory handheld sprayer 1200x1080 1
Water Damage Carpet in Toronto Property
Water Damage Laminate Flooring in Toronto 1
Water Damage Laminate Flooring in Toronto2
Water Damage Laminate Flooring in Toronto3 1
Water Extraction in Toronto 1

For more information on our services, GTA Restoration offers or to get started on a project, contact us at 1-800.506-6048 or visit us @ – 24-hour Emergency Services: Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration, Flooded Basement Cleanup, Mold Removal & Remediation – serving Toronto & the GTA.

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GTA Restoration Emeregency Call Toronto Mold Article Blog

Mold removal is considered emergency plumbing.

What are the top five common mold related questions? Read on to find out.

While mold can be beneficial in certain cases, such as in the case of cheese, it’s definitely not beneficial in your home. If you have problems with mold in your home, you may be looking for mold removal. Mold is caused by excessive humidity and lack of ventilation. Mold is dangerous because it contains mycotoxins that can cause many adverse health effects. The best way to deal with mold is to prevent it from happening at all with adequate ventilation.              While it’s technically possible to remove mold yourself, it’s best to leave it to a professional such as an emergency plumber. Mold removal can be a bit expensive, but it’s an emergency plumbing issue that must be fixed right away.  Read on to learn more about the dangers of mold, how to prevent mold, whether it’s possible to remove mold yourself, and how much mold removal typically costs.

Looking for Toronto mold removal? We can help.

H4:  What causes mold?

              Mold develops when there is an overly wet environment. This is often caused by improper ventilation and high or uncontrolled humidity. It’s important to choose quality ventilation to help prevent mold growth; cross ventilation is most effective at controlling humidity.  60% humidity or more is considered a high humidity level. Anything at or above this level will provide ideal conditions for mold to grow.

Why is mold dangerous?

              Mold, in many cases, can be toxic. Many types of mold produce mycotoxins – which are toxins that can become airborne. Mycotoxins can cause a variety of health problems and are considered a serious health threat by the World Health Organization. Effects of mycotoxins can range from short-term acute mycotoxin poisoning to long-term health effects such as immune deficiency or cancer.

              If you suspect you have mold, it’s important to call a mold removal service or an emergency plumber right away.

How can mold be prevented?

              One way to prevent mold growth is by using a hygrometer. A hygrometer is a device that measures humidity. Hygrometers can easily be purchased online at a low cost. You can also purchase specialty devices called mold alarms if you’d like to be extra safe.

Can I complete mold removal myself?

              Technically, yes, you can. However, it’s extremely dangerous and requires very specific procedures. The best mold removal is done by an expert that has experience, education, certifications, and equipment. Unless you have no other choice, or you have experience, do not remove mold yourself.

How much does mold removal cost?

Mold removal costs vary depending on your location. Mold removal in Toronto, or the Greater Toronto Area, starts at $500 and goes up depending on severity. The cost may be a deterrent but remember that mycotoxins (which are produced by mold) can cause severe health problems. You should never wait on mold removal services.


A high humidity level can cause mold in the home. Several different factors can lead to a high humidity level in the home, including where the home is located, if the house is heated in Winter (and how much), and whether humidity is often trapped inside. One example of when humidity being trapped inside the home is after a long shower with shut windows. Condensation is also a factor, particularly in the winter. Temperature differences between indoors and outdoors can cause condensation, which will raise the humidity of the home.

After reading this article, you’re better equipped than ever to understand and prevent mold in your home.  Thanks for reading.

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Plumber Toronto LTD - Emergency Plumbing Service!

The service is open for residential and commercial clients with a guaranteed 1-hour response.

Plumber Toronto Offers First-Rate 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumber Toronto is a commercial and residential plumbing service provider that has served Toronto and the GTA area for decades. They attend to a wide range of emergency and non-emergency situations, including pipe leaks, clogged toilets, faucet malfunctions, basement flooding, water heaters, and water leaks.

The company has a reliable 24-hour response and is dedicated to helping residents and business owners with emergency plumbing troubles.

They have a one-hour guarantee, ensuring that a technician will arrive at the client’s house or establishment within 60 minutes. They have teams stationed by the Downtown center, in North York, near Edwards Gardens, by the Toronto River, and everywhere in between. Their team is readily available and will fix the issue as soon as possible so that the clients can resume their life and business as normal.

Plumber Toronto technicians diagnose a problem quickly, and they have the necessary tools and experience to take care of it right away. They don’t do half-hearted quick fixes. Every plumber they send out is equipped with the parts they will need to get the job done. If they do need to order a part, they order it fast and places a temporary solution that will prevent further damage to the establishment. The company does not charge by the hour. Clients will only have to pay for the service, nothing more. Their attending plumber will stay with them as long as it takes to make sure that the job is done right.

Plumber Toronto has excellent customer service. They station helpful and friendly customer service representatives who empathize with the clients’ troubles and understand the inconvenience behind every busted pipe or a clogged toilet. They are ready to send help out to clients as fast as possible.

Plumber Toronto is a company that treats every call as an individual emergency requiring immediate attention. There are no waiting lists. As soon as a client calls for an emergency plumbing service, the team immediately finds a certified plumber who can get to the house or commercial space right away and take care of the problem.

If ever there are any delays, the team will give the client quick steps they can take to limit the water damage until their assigned plumber arrives.

More information can be found at

About Plumber Toronto

Plumber Toronto is a top emergency plumbing company that caters to residential and commercial clients.

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Plumbing Burst Pipe in Toronto property!

How can Plumbers help with different property services?

Home maintenance is often a larger task than we think. Whether your home was built recently or long ago, there will be maintenance to complete and problems to solve. Though, of course, the newer your home is, the less maintenance you’ll need to do.

Plumbing issues can be particularly difficult to solve if they’re not immediately addressed. They often develop gradually- clogs in the pipes, for example, do not happen overnight. Sometimes the issues are so small we might not even notice them- such as sinks draining slower or the toilet running. While some plumbing issues are obviously straightforward, such as those above, it’s not always clear whether you should be calling a plumber or another service. Read on to find out what a plumber can help you with.

24 Hours Emergency Plumber Service!

Emergency plumbing service 's are probably one of the least fun things in the world. While you’re likely already dealing with water damage, you may be looking at further property damage as well, depending on the severity.

Some commonly occurring plumbing emergencies include:

- An overflowing sink, drain, toilet, or bathtub
- Pipes that are burst or leaking
- Unpleasant sound or smells

You might be asking yourself whether there is a need to call an emergency plumber. The answer to that question is “yes” if there is a risk of water damage, there are potentially unsafe conditions due to un Emergency plumbing service failure.

GTA Restoration can help you in the event of emergency plumbing service in Toronto fast with their Emergency Plumbing Service team

Flooding Cleanup Service

Home maintenance is often a larger task than we think. Whether your home was built recently or long ago, there will be maintenance to complete and problems to solve. Though, of course, the newer your home is, the less maintenance you’ll need to do.

Plumbing issues can be particularly difficult to solve if they’re not immediately addressed. They often develop gradually- clogs in the pipes, for example, do not happen overnight. Sometimes the issues are so small we might not even notice them- such as sinks draining slower or the toilet running.

While some plumbing issues are obviously straightforward, such as those above, it’s not always clear whether you should be calling a plumber or another service. Read on to find out what a plumber can help you with.

GTA Restoration can help you flooding cleanup service safely with their Flooding Cleanup Service team.

Water Damage Service

Not only can emergency plumbers help you with flooding cleanup, but they may also be able to help you clean up the water damage, too. Water damage can cause serious problems if left untreated. It is more than just an ugly black mold on the wall or other areas of your property and that’s a pretty good reason to prevent it as well by hiring a Restoration Company!

Water damage can threaten the structural integrity of your home, electrical, and piping systems. It can also lead to black mold growth, which can cause serious health problems including respiratory illness.

GTA Restoration can help you water damage service safely with their Water Damage Service team.

     If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, here are The Top Five Water Damage Service Providers in Toronto.

Black Mold Removal Service

In many cases, black mold can be toxic.  Certain types can produce dangerous mycotoxins in the wall areas that are transmitted through the air. Mycotoxins cause many adverse health effects. They are considered a serious health threat by the World Health Organization. The effects range from short-term acute poisoning to longer-term effects, such as immune deficiency and cancer.

Black Mold growth is extremely common in homes. It can, however, be controlled with a few easy steps.  Black Mold often develops because of improper ventilation and uncontrolled humidity. Quality ventilation (and frequent venting) is important as it helps to control humidity. A setup called cross ventilation is most effective at controlling humidity and preventing black mold growth. 

Anything above 60% of humidity is considered a high humidity level and will provide ideal conditions for black mold to grow. Different factors can lead to a high humidity level in the home, including:

- If the house is often heated in Winter
- If long showers are often taken with the windows shut

Condensation can also be a factor, especially in Winter. The difference between the temperature indoors and outdoors can sometimes cause condensation. The moisture will rise the humidity in the home if not wiped away. Eventually, the condensation can also cause mildew.

Mildew is a precursor to black mold- it is an organic substance upon which mold can grow. A small amount of black mold or mildew – such as in the shower- should not be a great concern, so long as it is removed quickly.

Technology can help you monitor and prevent black mold growth. Hygrometers, devices that measure humidity, can be easily ordered online. Specialty devices called ‘mold alarms’ are also available, should you experience a problem with frequent black mold growth. 

GTA Restoration can help you remove black mold removal service safely with their Black Mold Removal Service team. 

If you need more help to identify black mold, here are five tips to help you identify black mold growth.

Disinfection & Sanitizing service

With the advent of the Coronavirus case, GTA Restoration team are offering disinfection & sanitizing service. GTA Restoration even offers office disinfection & sanitizing due to COVID 19 / Coronavirus infection. It should be noted that these services are separate from general office cleaning services. Your property will need to be cleaned prior to attend back to business or home property!

GTA Restoration can help you disinfection & sanitizing service safely with their Disinfection & Sanitizing Service team.


At GTA Restoration, our goal is to take back the beauty, safety, and comfort of your home with expert solutions. We provide you with everything you need for your home insurance claim. We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 19 years and are happy to assist with Toronto plumbing emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are looking for the best Emergency Plumber Service in Toronto, please reach out to us. We would be happy to help, including providing you a with no-obligation quote. Let’s take back the beauty of your home together.

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Water Damage Causes Black Mold Growth in Toronto House!

How Water Damage Causes Mold Growth?

Precautions to take during the winter in Toronto!

Indoor mold is a concern for many homeowners. Mold has no smell, and a large colony must form before it’s visible to the human eye. As such, you might not realize if your house is contaminated. This can lead to a series of problems, one of which concerns your overall health. With the health risks related to mold, in addition to the on-going pandemic and flu season, it’s important to take precautions to ensure you and your family are safe. Here a comprehensive guide you can use if indoor mold is a concern.

What is Indoor Fundi Mold Growth?

Normally, people think of moldy food which is a result of leaving it out too long. While you can easily discard your moldy fruits and vegetables, the mold that grows on your floorboards, drywall, and carpets is far more tedious to handle.

Mold is a type of fungi. Mold spores can exist in any environment, but it will only grow in places that have the appropriate growing factors. This includes the right temperatures, moisture, oxygen, and food. When the environment has met the criteria, the mold spores begin to grow onto the surface and multiply. As they multiply they form a mycelium.

How does indoor Fungi Mold grow?

Indoor mold can ruin the structure of your home and lead
to poor health conditions for you and your family. 4 factors allow mold to grow
and spread.

Temperature: Generally, humid conditions allow for mold to grow at faster rates. Any temperature above 4 Celsius, allows for mold to grow.

Moisture: Damp and wet areas allow mold to spread and multiply. This is why water damages present a grave concern for homeowners.

Oxygen: Mold can rely on limited oxygen to grow and thrive.

Organic surfaces: Mold thrives on surfaces they can digest such as wood, cotton, etc. Since any organic surface makes for a suitable environment, mold can exist on many areas.

How does Water Damage lead to Mold Growth?

Since moisture is an important factor in mold growth, water damaged surfaces in your home makes for a suitable environment. Water damage can be a result of leaking pipes or flooding. Additionally, if exhausts and ventilators do not work properly during showers or cooking, this can lead to mold growth as well. Furthermore, when mold begins to grow it eats away at the surface leading to brittle and damaged floorboards, beams, and more.

If water damage is not contained, mold can begin to form in 1-2 days. This is why it's important to deal with these damages quickly. Furthermore, it’s best to remove all appliances or furniture that were affected. Since mold can grow on so many surfaces it's important to remove these damp items from your home.

What are the Health Risks with Fungi Mold Growth?

There are numerous health risks when there is mold exposure in your house. It ranges from mild to serious symptoms and diseases. The inhalation of mold heavily impacts individuals with pre-existing health conditions, the elderly, and children.

Many people are sensitive to mold. An allergic reaction can occur which leads to watery eyes, excessive sneezing, etc. Additionally, damp conditions as a result of water damage can lead to fevers, bronchitis, skin irritation, headaches, and more. Many of these reactions could be happening without awareness that there is mold growing in your household. As such, it’s important to continually examine your home for signs of water damage.

One of the most serious lifelong effects of mold exposure is the potential to develop asthma. Asthma results in a lack of airflow to the lungs due to excessive mucus in the air pathway or a swelling of the pathway. This respiratory disease has been heavily linked to mold found within homes. Research has shown that of all 21.6 million cases of asthma in America, 21% of those cases (4.6 million people) were not genetically related. As such, 4.6 million people developed asthma, due to mold exposure within their homes. That’s nearly double Toronto’s population. Asthma can result in serious complications with children and they must live with it throughout adulthood.


Mold Fungi Exposure and COVID-19

            It’s important to remember that there is an on-going pandemic due to COVID-19. This virus can be deadly and leave lasting health effects on individuals with pre-existing health conditions. With a second wave arriving, it’s important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

This on -going virus in combination with possible mold growth in your home can lead to devastating health problems. Both are linked to respiratory health effects and can weaken your immune system. These factors added together will place you at a higher risk for life-threatening health conditions. Making sure your office disinfecting your surfaces and paying attention to water damage is crucial. As such, while we all must wait for a viable solution to come along for COVID-19, at least you can prevent mold exposure in your homes.

How to Prevent Fungi Mold Growth Exposure?

            In order to prevent the growth of mold, you must ensure you don’t create a suitable habitat for mold to survive. Here are some general tips you may consider:

- Ensure the humidity in your home is less than 60%. This makes sure that mold cannot grow on surfaces in your house. Using a hygrometer will indicate what level your household’s humidity is.
- Turn on the exhaust fan during showers to avoid moisture build-up.
- Fix leak pipes as soon as you can before turning them into water damage.
- Wipe down all wet surfaces in your home to lessen the chances of mold growth; this includes floors, countertops, walls, etc.

How to Stop Fungi Mold Growth Exposure?

            If mold has already grown in your home or you notice water damage in certain places, no need to panic. Handling these situations quickly will ensure mold stops growing or prevent it from growing.

            If the mold growth is small or medium, you may be able to handle it quickly by yourself. Make sure you wear disposable masks and safety materials such as goggles to avoid direct exposure. Generally, this involves:

- Scrub washable surfaces that contain mold with unscented soap and dry
- Vacuum areas that are not washable with a central vacuum system
- Removing all moldy wet areas. Even if the drywall is wet or water damage, you must remove it to avoid mold coming back

If you’re unexperienced with mold control, the best option is to seek a professional. Do what you can to help stop the spread before a profession arrives. 24-hour service is also offered by some professionals. These professionals are trained in safety precautions and techniques to properly remove water or mold damaged areas.

When to Call a Professional Plumber? Handling water damage or mold is often a big task. You may not know where to begin and lack to equipment to do the job properly. As such, health agencies often recommend that you call a professional if you notice any water damages or mold growth. For large molded areas, a professional is capable of cleaning the area promptly and efficiently. They’ll help prevent the chances of mold growing in that area again by removing all affected areas, ensuring the safety of your family.

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Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips Image Created by GTA Restoration Toronto

Cooking Fire Safety Tips

Preventing a holiday disaster by following these Fire damage safety tips!

For many of us, Thanksgiving is one the best time of year to enjoy a great hearty meal with the company of our loved ones and family friends. and It should be a super joyful time to spent cooking, also decorating, and eating before attending the stores for great shopping on Black Friday. But for some families’ horrific experiences could happen, that great turkey fryer, the oven is burning hot frying fires, and hazards could turn this great joyful holiday into a big disaster. In fact, Thanksgiving is definitely the most common time for homemade cooking, just before heading for Christmas and new year.

In order to prevent your home and families in Toronto and around the world from becoming a part of this disaster statistic by following these Thanksgiving and turkey fire safety tips. This is the best way to can spend the holidays with your friend and family loved ones not have to worry about any potential cooking and creating fires.

Holiday Cooking can turn to Fire Damage Disaster!

If any of your family has already before experienced any holiday fire, get tips so that way it doesn’t have to be the end for your property with your valuable furnishings. While it always seems like such a disaster has ruined everything, there is still always hope for your property structure. Don’t hesitate to call GTA Restoration for any emergency fire and smoke damage restoration services.

For most surfaces covered by soot or smoke, GTA Restoration’s technicians will definitely know exactly how to restore your property to its original condition. By using special commercial products and high-end equipment, technicians will be able to rebuild the home while removing all affected structural damages and return the property to its original condition or better. No matter how far fire spreads, so if a fire or smoke damage happens on Thanksgiving Day, you can depend on our professional technicians to be there during a property these types of emergency.

Thanksgiving Fire Damage Safety Tips!

Ensure that all smoke alarms in your property are working.It is super crucial to notice that the fire before it starts and have a chance to put it out as soon as possible.

Don’t ever leave the oven or stove unattended. Especially when there are young children or pets, make sure to keep a good eye and try to keep them out of the kitchen.

Roll-up your sleeves before turning the burners on. Low hanging clothing always can easily catch fire and will cause severe burns.

Always set up cooking timers. Doing this will prevent and it is more beneficial for you rother than just knowing when to pull the food out of the oven.

Never walk away or deal with many things when cooking on the stove or oven. Keep all pets and young children out of the kitchen while cooking.

Keep all matches and lighters away from children. Advise them to bring it straight to you or another adult if they do find one.

Overcooking from a stove or oven can lead to Fire Damage.

Always keep flammable materials far away from fire burners. Including towels, food wrappers, oven mitts, paper towels, potholders, pizza boxes, and other paper, plastic, and for sure fabric materials.

Turn off cooking appliances when done your cooking. Of course, forgetting to turn off the stove or oven is a common mistake and it has been known in causing a number of cooking fires and smoke damages.

Always remove household objects around cooking. This will definitely prevent fire danger accidents specialty when cooking around the kitchen, especially with guest kids or your kids and pets.

Blowing out all of the candles after everyone has seated for the dinner table!

Remember always to look and take away all electric cords. Especially in around kitchen, remove all the cords from plate warmers, electric knives, mixers, toasters, coffee makers, and other appliances to keep them out of their reach.

Blowing out all candles. As soon as everyone is being done eating, blow out all of the candles around the table, and also don’t forget other candles in the other rooms including the living room, kitchen, and other common seated areas.

Store a fire extinguisher close by. In any event of any possible small kitchen fire, it is necessary to stop any sort of fire before it spreads by keeping a fire extinguisher around the kitchen. Make sure that it is very easily accessible, and always let everyone knows where it is.

By doing this you are always prepared in case of a fire emergency. Always keep the cellphones and numbers of emergency services, such as the fire department, police, hospitals, and disaster restoration service. You will defiantly save tons of time just by calling the direct line instead of looking and searching for it at these types of fire damage situations.

Cooking Turkey Fire Damage Prevention!

Cooking a Turkey, it always provides the extra flavor during a special Thanksgiving meal, but they often are known as one of the most leading causes of Thanksgiving fires. always remember to follow these tips before firing up the fryer on these special and busy occasions.

Never put cloth or newspaper around under a turkey fryer. Keep all these combustible materials far away from the stove fryers.

Keep the fryer always outdoors. Because it can become messy, boiling on grease can splatter everywhere and ruin most furnishings.

Always use an approved fryer to cook. The once’s that have four legs, and with a built-in thermostat, and are super stable. Be always able to measure the oil’s temperature while cooking, these will for sure prevent a fire.

Always follow all use instructions. Even before trying to turn the fryer on, you should make sure to read the instructions to use it properly. Be careful and always choose the right dish sizes, cook the turkey, and specialty what kind of oil it is safe to use with it.

Thaw and drying out the turkey. Remove all the bag of gizzards and make sure not to let stuff burn before putting it in the stove.

Never leave the turkey in the stove fryer unattended. As soon as you turn the stove fryer on, don’t ever leave it alone even for a second. Also, remember to use special gloves instead of oven mitts; the gloves must have proper insulation.

Be careful in splashing cooking oil. Always make sure that the stove fryer is moved away from all combustible materials that can catch fire, including all your property furnishings, etc... Make sure that all baked skin are covered to prevent any serious burns.

Experiencing Holiday Fire or Smoke Damage?

GTA Restoration Emergency team is available 24/7 to provide all fire and smoke damage restoration services.

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5 Best Tips, How to Detect Mold Growth!

Your property is an essential
place in a person’s life. After all, it is where the majority of the time is
spent. So, keeping it healthy becomes a priority. One of the factors affecting
your property is the formation of Mold, which has to be detected as early as
possible to keep you and your family safe. Mold is actually a type of fungus
that is formed due to excess humid levels in the surroundings. Not only they
cause harm to your home, but also pose a great threat to your health.

However, the mold could almost be
everywhere, and spotting it is always not that simple. It starts off as miner
black spots and grows into larger colonies gradually. So, something like mold
that could be so toxic to the overall health of a person and health needs to be
identified and remediated immediately. But how? Let a professional technician
to have a look and give you some great tips to help you in easy detection of
the mold to be able to undertake preventive measures for further damages to
your property!

Know the presence of Mold Growth secret

Mold spores usually prefer dark
and damp conditions to devolve. They are most likely to develop in places like
bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, etc. Mostly any place with high
moisture levels becomes favorable for mold growth, whether it is your walls,
floors, house furniture, or carpets. However, mold growth can be detected
visually through the property that may get accumulated on the surfaces of these
vulnerable areas.

Use soft tools to check for Mold Growth

Mildew doesn’t always affect your
home as much as the other types of black mold do. To suspect the damaged area
you can prove it with any soft tools. If you see the wood softening and
crumbling, then you can easily make out that the fungus has taken complete hold
inside. It is in fact so easy to test, that people can even inspect out

Check for Plumbing Water Leaks

Any type of water damage in Toronto could lead to the quick formation of mold growth. Having a roof that leaks are quite often to have mold growth on attics, or water damage, like a flooded basement in Toronto can definitely create great chances of mold growth. Even its slightest presence near water pipes, waste like greywater would need complete remediation sewage clean up in Toronto, or other emergency plumbing in Toronto All Plumbing fixtures should be given immediate attention to avoid any further mold growth spread

Mold Growth Health Problems

Mold is known to cause severe
health problems, especially to people with sensitive immune systems. It causes
nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, eye irritations, and
skin irritation. Moreover, it can cause severe infections in the lungs and
breathing issues like asthma. So, if you find such symptoms recurring with you
or with any of your family members, there is a greater possibility of the
presence of mold spores in your home and that need your attention.

Mold Removal Professional Assistance

An average individual most of the time lacks specialization to be able to detect the presence of mold growth. So, you could call a mold inspector professional to perform a mold test to identify any presence of mold symptoms and have them to perform complete Mold Removal in Toronto or GTA. Usually, the amount of mold spores keeps fluctuating over time and using a mold expert technician to test with proper equipment and techniques (like Air testing, Surface testing, and Bulk testing) this helps in giving a complete and more accurate picture of the Mold Growth problem.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Top 5 Best Water Damage Service Providers in Toronto!

5 Best Water Damage Service Providers in Toronto and the GTA.

Some of the most common causes of water damage and mold growth are plumbing leaks, burst pipes, frozen pipes, toilet malfunction, appliance malfunction, sewer backup & sewage damage, heavy rainfall & storm damage, foundation wall seepage, ice damage, and roof leaks. The question is on whom to call in an event on such a disaster. Here are the top five water damage restoration services in the Greater Toronto Area.

Absolute Interior

A leading restoration company that repairs and rebuilds commercial and residential properties that have been damaged by water, mold, wind, or fire. The absolute interior is a family-owned business that has completed over 30 000 projects and donated $$$$ to charities and sponsorships. With their 24/7 emergency services and a live operator, it’s easy to see why they are one of the best in the Toronto Region. The founder and president Aldi believes strongly in volunteering and has served as president of the Greater Toronto Chamber of Commerce. His wife and he lives in Toronto and his brother - works in the business.

IBX Services

An attributable 24/7 Emergency Service response and a time frame arrival within the hour makes Select Restoration Services a smart choice. Pre-Post professional communication & documentation make handling your insurer easy as you can leave IBX Services for a fast cleanup for complete peace of mind. Advanced Equipment & Techniques and the additional know-how of graffiti removal make this a unique water damage restorer. Thermal Camera Inspection, Emergency Water Extraction, Emergency Plumbing Repair, Sewer Backup Cleanup, Sewage Damage Restoration, Drying and Dehumidification, Cleaning and Decontamination, are all included in the water damage control repertoire. 

Imperial Restoration

Given a 24/7 emergency service offering,
Imperial-Restoration takes a risk-based approach to restoration work for damage
caused by floods and water and claims their staff will work closely with your
insurance company to ensure the incident is properly documented for you to be
covered by your insurer. They offer a restoration plan on receipt of you and
your insurance’s approval and will restore the aesthetic and structural
integrity of your home after the effect of water damage has taken place. Imperial
Restoration boasts a 4.1 out of 5 on Google with many users complimenting speed
of service and reasonable pricing.

Insight Restoration

Insight Restoration uses climate-friendly techniques and chemicals to restore your house and business after a water damage disaster. Igli, the owner of Insight Restoration has a reputation for being green long before the green revolution. It all started when his father was diagnosed and got very ill, and was warned by his doctor to use safer chemicals to work with, in order to protect his family.

A 24-hour emergency service call line, fire, flood, mold,
trauma, commercial cleanup emergencies, and decades of experience in commercial
cleaning emergencies, from food factories to automobile spills are amongst the
usual suspects of tools to take on a water damage restoration project.

GTA Restoration

GTA Restoration tops the cream in the restoration business with a 4.6 rating on Google. Restoration of residential and commercial buildings across Toronto & the greater Toronto area and a website that offers a nifty property protection guide to download for free, give its 24/7 emergency water damage and restoration services, flood basement cleanup, sewer backup, mold removal & remediation, emergency plumbing a good foundation for its success. GTA Restoration also assists with every step & required documentation for a home insurance claim and serves Scarborough, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Richmond Hill, & the rest of the Greater Toronto Area.

Leaky pipes, soft walls, discoloration, mold contamination, puddles, and cracks in foundation walls are all signs to watch for to prevent water damage happening to your home according to GTA Restoration. Always remember that water can also carry disease if left uncleansed and to check for roof leaks just before spring snow begins to melt. GTA Restoration also warns that in an event of any water damage to immediately turn off your water and power and to get help as soon as possible.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Office Sanitizing & Disinfecting Toronto Business Guidance!

COVID-19 is an infection caused by a novel coronavirus that can result in acute respiratory illness. In general, these viruses are spread when a sick person coughs or sneezes. It may also be possible for a person to get COVID-19 by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching their own mouth, nose, or their eyes. The majority of people with COVID-19 develop a mild illness, which may include fever, cough, or shortness of breath. For more general information about COVID-19, visit

The following are recommendations to help reduce the risk of exposure to acute respiratory illness, including COVID-19 in buildings such as hotels, condominiums, apartment buildings, and other similar vertical living spaces. This document may be updated as the situation is rapidly changing, and new information becomes available. Refer to Toronto Public Health's website for the latest updates.

COVID-19 is
circulating in the community in Toronto. It is recommended that all
non-essential common areas, including gyms, libraries, party rooms,
playgrounds, pools, hot tubs, and spas, be closed at this time. Infection
prevention and control advice to help further reduce the risk of respiratory
infection, including COVID-19, is provided below.

Virus Infection Prevention Strategies

Building operators should encourage staff to do the following to prevent infection:

- Stay home if sick. Employees or contract workers who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness are recommended to not come to work and seek appropriate medical attention.
- Ensure that your sick leave policies are flexible. For example, relax requirements for sick notes, and allow staff to stay home to care for sick family members.

Staff should practice effective hand hygiene:

- Wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 15 seconds – an alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be used if soap and water are not available.
- Avoid touching their faces, especially with unwashed hands.
- Cover their coughs and sneezes with a tissue or sleeve, not their hands.

Commercial & Residential Buildings Disinfection & Sanitization Services in Toronto!

Sanitizing Virus Disinfecting Guidance!

Building operators and staff should follow these guidelines when cleaning and disinfecting the building environment:

- Commonly used cleaners and disinfectants are effective against COVID-19.
- Frequently touched surfaces are most likely to be contaminated. Ensure cleaning staff, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in common areas. In addition to the daily routine cleaning, surfaces that have frequent contact with hands should be cleaned and disinfected twice per day and when visibly dirty.
- Examples make sure to include all doorknobs, all elevator buttons, all light switches, all toilet handles, all counters, handrails, all touch screen surfaces, and all keypads.

GTA Restoration offers priority Coronavirus COVID-19 Sanitising, Disinfecting and Decontamination services for all public spaces, businesses, churches, hotels, condominiums, municipalities, nursing homes and government buildings including libraries, office spaces and more!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Office Disinfecting and Sanitizing Fogging Service in Toronto

Office Sanitizing Business Fogging System!

The Steam Mist Surface Unit is a completely portable, hand-held, point to spray misting disinfection unit. Simplified to spray surfaces for 5 seconds per square foot for all disinfection. A fully multiple Surface Units can reduce contamination and clean rooms to 10 minutes. This unit can be used on hard, for non-porous, and high touch surfaces. Reaches full surfaces and on areas that regular disinfectants cannot ever reach. The Steam Mist Surface Unit is a complete portable, for a fast-acting, hand-held, point, and sprays misting disinfection system. This full system is the ultimate tool in disinfecting all type of spaces, whether is used for specified service needs or acquired for all daily usage. The Steam Mist Surface Unit is definitely one of the best choices to make certain that can facility is using the best technology in currency markets. This single applicator surface unit enables the disinfection of all types of surfaces including high-touch, fully sensitive equipment, and electronics. The room is fully safe to enter within minutes after the ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) mist has been applied.

For a single person application. The handheld application method gives all technicians the freedom to easily manipulate and fully treat all sides of desired objects. Killing bacteria and inactivates viruses that may reduce the risk of exposure from pathogens on all treated surfaces (See EPA label). It helps prevent build-up odors by killing all odor-causing all sorts of bacteria. Validated to comply with all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards. Aerosolized microns and sprays like a gas. Goes over and above, beyond, under, and all around disinfecting sprays units and wipes.Very effective for a whole room treatment in just under 46 minutes including application time and contact time Lesser time is typically needed for smaller sized rooms A fully transportable The application is not a vapor! The Steam Mist Environmental System is transportable, fully automated, remote-controlled and provides complete space decontamination using three (3) applicators per system

Whether is integrating into a facility’s current decontamination protocol and receiving an iHP Steam Mist service by GTA Restoration trained technician, one (1) Environmental system offers effective full whole complete room decontamination in just over 76 minutes (for a room 3,663.8 ft3/104 m3), including all application time, contact time, and full aeration time. Lesser time is typically needed for full smaller size rooms and multiple systems could be used for full larger spaces.

GTA Restoration Uses Professional Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayers by Victory

Disinfection & Sanitization Services in Toronto

Fogg Disinfection & Sanitizing the Following:


- Manufacturing Plants
- Supermarkets-Grocery Stores
- Food Handling Establishments
- Packing Plants-Restaurants
- Fast Food Restaurants
- Food Processing
- Reducing Surface Contamination


- Receiving
- Storage
- Preparation
- Packing (Canning, Bottling, Wrapping, Boxing)
- Waste Storage
- Serving Areas
- Enclosed Processing Systems


- Pre/Post Harvests of Fruits & Vegetables
- Increasing Storage/Shelf Life of All Foods Including Meat, Poultry, & Fish
- Processing and packaging of food


- Garbage Rooms
- Lavatories
- Entry vestibules
- Offices
- Locker-Rooms
- Machine Rooms
- Boiler Rooms
- Garages
- Mop ClosetsStorage

For more information on our services, contact us @ 1-800.506-6048 or visit us @ – 24-hour Emergency Service: Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration, Flooded Basement Cleanup, Mold Removal & Remediation – serving Toronto & the GTA.

#1 Office Disinfecting and Sanitizing Fogging Service in Toronto

Monday, November 8, 2021

Sanitization & Decontamination Services in Toronto area.

Sanitization & Disinfection Services Toronto!

Coronavirus has become one of the pandemic situations being faced by the world. Coronavirus is a type of novel virus that was initiated from China back in January 2020 and now it is being spread throughout the world.

Novel Coronavirus is a part of
respiratory disease which is mainly caused due to the droplets of the person
who has been infected by the Coronavirus. Throughout the world, people are
continuously taking preventive measures through which the virus disinfection
could be done in the right manner.

If we dig deeper into the nature
of the Coronavirus and how it is being spread then, it is important to
understand that Coronavirus belongs from the family of viruses which can easily
be found in the human, animals such as camels, cattle, cats and also the bats.
Since the spread of coronavirus is on the peak at the moment, therefore, all
the services need to be customized according to the needs of the environment.

According to the World Health
Organization, one of the ways through which this virus could be properly
controlled is associated with proper sanitization and decontamination

Virus Disinfection and Sanitization Services in Toronto

Being the pioneer and leaders of the social responsibility and public safety, GTA Restoration owns the vision of providing uninterrupted disinfection and sanitization services to Toronto and to the people who are going through the hard time associated with the spread of coronavirus.

Since all of our services revolve around providing the best high to the people therefore, we have divided our teams in to different units that are responsible for virus disinfection and virus decontamination.

Major Services for Virus Decontamination and Disinfection

The major services for virus decontamination and disinfection are associated with performing all the procedures through which the germs could be rightly eliminated without getting transmitted from one person to another. Being the leaders, we believe in working around all the vaccines which could provide the best results and could relatively have a lesser impact on human life.

Apart from only cleaning the surfaces and stair-cases, we also perform the cleanup procedures at the public places which are largely occupied by people. Additionally, the virus cleanup procedure is also performed near all those places where human interaction is possible with other beings such as animals.

Works on the Principles of Public Safety

Since public safety is one of our cores therefore, we are always utilizing the objects and the items which are important for public safety. The goal of performing the virus disinfection is entirely associated with using the product and services which are crucial for the health of human beings at the same time.

Proper Sanitization Procedures is to Rub Back Hand-washing

Sanitization is an important
procedure that is not only performed for the sake of cleaning hands. However,
it is equally important to properly sanitize all those items which are directly
or indirectly connected with humans. We consider it as our public
responsibility to work and identify all those sources through which the proper
disinfection could be performed. To provide the best services, our company has
decided to insert proper sanitization facilities at all those public places
which are largely accessed by human beings and people are also advised to
follow the basic guidelines through which they can stay away from all the

Follow Up services for Better Precautions and Treatment

It is very important to
understand that Coronavirus is not a virus which can get eliminated with a few
precautionary measures which are limited to certain time. However, for proper
virus cleanup, certain follow-up services need to be performed which could
ensure that every object and every human being is potentially free from the

Although we consider it as our
core responsibility to perform the follow-up services in which we not only look
at the objects which are at the risk of curbing the coronavirus cells, we also pay
great attention to all those people who might be at the risk of catching the
flu or breathing issues.

- A daily sanitization and cleanup of objects and one’s body need to be done frequently to eliminate the chance of spread.
- While coughing or sneezing, it is recommended by WHO to use a tissue paper that can be thrown away once it is used.
- People are also recommended to maintain once hand (3 feet) distance with the people to control the overall spread of the virus.
- It is also recommended by the leading health agencies to wash and sanitize hands frequently so that the overall germs of the virus could be cleaned and the virus cleanup could be performed.
- People are asked to wear a mask around all those people who are currently being infected by flu, sneezing, or even the common cold.
- All those people who have traveled to different countries in the world are asked by the government not to stay in contact with people for at least 14 days because it takes some time for the virus to develop.
- If the virus is confirmed then, it can be controlled using all the necessary measures.

Help in Minimizing the Overall Health Risks

There is certainly no denying the fact that a lot of health risks are associated with the spread of coronavirus because it is infecting several people at one time. However, it is also important to understand that the overall risk could be minimized using the virus cleanup campaigns in which all the measures would be taken to perform the procedure in the right manner.

Since the spread of the virus could only be performed if all the people living in the state decides to perform the virus cleanup all together without getting distracted by the common panic situations which are being caused throughout the world.

In this hard time, we need to join hands all together to curb the spread of coronavirus. If you have any other questions or queries then, feel free to leave your comments below and we’ll get back to with ways through which virus cleanup could be executed in the right manner.

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