Bathroom Ventilation & Mold

Avoiding Mold growth with proper ventilation!

A properly installed bathroom fan is essential in avoiding mold growth in your bathroom.  Bathrooms are very common places for mold to grow because mold is attracted to moisture. When having a hot shower water vapors can sip into cracks, moldings, electrical outlets, and other surfaces that are made of organic material like wood, paper-faced wallboard, and insulation, etc. These organic materials when they get damp make an ideal mold growth environment in places that the eye can't detect. Mold and mildew are a problem on their own due to health issues they could cause, but keep in mind that they can also create damage to building materials including drywall and wood framing. Proper bathroom ventilation is important in keeping mold growth at bay. If you detect a musty odor in your bathroom but you cannot visually detect mold then you can have a non-invasive mold test performed by a mold removal & remediation company, like GTA Restoration.

A properly installed and working bathroom ventilation fan can be very effective in preventing mold. A fan works by moving the moist air away from the bathroom and outside the house before it gets the chance to penetrate into your walls and ceiling. Lots of buildings and homes now have bathroom ventilation fans installed but they are only useful if they are actually being used and turned on while someone is taking a shower. One method that many builders have been using recently to combat this, is having the fans turn on whenever the light in the bathroom is turned on.

Many builders also incorrectly install ventilation fans and instead of moving the moist air out of the home they move it into the attic, this will just cause mold in your attic which could be even harder to spot. A yearly attic inspection for visual signs of mold is important.

Another option to a bathroom fan is to install a heat-exchange ventilator fan. These fans use warm, outgoing air to heat cooler, incoming replacement air. Heat exchanger models sell for about twice as much as standard bathroom ventilation fans. There is also the option for a humidity sensing ventilation fans which automatically switch on when the unit detects high levels of humidity.


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