Condominium Restoration & Renovations in Toronto

Condominium Restoration & Renovations

When it comes to the common elements/areas of a condominium making an investment on condominium restoration and renovations improves a condominium's curb appeal and adds to property value. Attracting new investors and buyers is of great importance. The lobby, party room, common corridors, swimming pool area, basement levels and recreational facilities all impact how a condominium’s book is received.

Renovating and updating the design of common areas allows older condominiums to stay competitive in the market. Starting with the lobby which makes a statement and first impression an update of flooring, wall color, and quality of materials sets the tone and attracts buyers.

Corridors are another important elements that buyers and investors look at. Wall colors should be neutral, high traffic carpets should be clean and durable and lighting elements should offer functionality and can be a great design touch.

Refurbishing a lobby, painting, replacing carpet, upgrading lighting fixtures or increasing accessibility, each of these elements of a condominium restoration and renovation project will bring new investors, new owners, and market visibility in the ever-growing Toronto condominium market.

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