Radiant Heating Floor Systems Can Prevent Bathroom Mold Contamination!

Radiant floor heating system can prevent mold contamination!

Bathroom mold is a real concern for home owners as it can cause health issues like allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Preventing bathroom mold has a lot to do with how good your bathroom fan is and that your bathroom vent leads all the way outside the home.

But there is another element that can reduce moisture and humidity in your bathroom and that is a heated floor system installed underneath your floor tiles. Besides the comfort of stepping on warm tiles and a warm bathroom, heated floors have a mold prevention function as it allows water and humidity to quickly dry and be removed by your bathroom fan. Heated flooring can also dry hidden moisture that has sipped in your moldings, cabinets and any other building materials in your bathroom.

If you wish to have a radiant floor heating system installed and a brand new tiled floor then we recommend  ProTile Installers that service Toronto and the GTA.

Heated flooring systems are installed below your tiles and come with a 25 year guarantee. They are energy efficient and can help you reduce your heating costs. They can be controlled by a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostat options. Also radiant heating systems do not circulate air, dust or other allergens.

Radiant Floor Heating System in Toronto can Prevent Bathroom Mold Contaminations
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Bathroom Mold Contamination Prevention!
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Prevent Bathroom Mold Contamination!

If you already have bathroom mold do not attempt to remove it yourself. Call GTARestoration today for mold removal and remediation of your bathroom mold: 416-905-0000


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