Wet Basement Causes Mold Contamination!

Wet basements are the ideal environment for mold to grow and to causes fungus contamination. Not all mold is harmful but depending how long you had a wet basement the risk of harmful or black mold growing increases. Besides the health risks, mold feeds on building materials, like wood, drywall, baseboards, etc. which leads to fast deterioration and the need for renovations.

Basement Waterproofing

Risk of Harmful Black Mold Growth

If you have a wet basement with mold growing then the first issue you need to address is waterproofing your basement. GTARestoration offers basement waterproofing services at competitive prices. Waterproofing includes sealing wall and floor cracks and window wells, repairing your foundation both exterior and interior, addressing plumbing issues and other moisture causes.

Causes of wet basement:

- Cracks to the foundation and supporting walls
- Rain runoff from rainwater or melted snow
- Leaky sewer pipe
- Malfunctioning sump pump
- Leaking window wells
- Not properly vented drier
- Humidity issues
- Wall and floor cracks
- Blocked floor drain
- Poor concrete wall and floor construction
- Water pipe leaks
- Floor and wall joint leakage

Mold Contamination Home Basement in Toronto!

After the basement has been repaired and waterproofed then mold removal and remediation should be the next step. GTARestoration offers professional mold removal services in Toronto and the GTA.


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