Office Disinfecting and Sanitizing Fogging Service in Toronto

Office Sanitizing Business Fogging System!

The Steam Mist Surface Unit is a completely portable, hand-held, point to spray misting disinfection unit. Simplified to spray surfaces for 5 seconds per square foot for all disinfection. A fully multiple Surface Units can reduce contamination and clean rooms to 10 minutes. This unit can be used on hard, for non-porous, and high touch surfaces. Reaches full surfaces and on areas that regular disinfectants cannot ever reach. The Steam Mist Surface Unit is a complete portable, for a fast-acting, hand-held, point, and sprays misting disinfection system. This full system is the ultimate tool in disinfecting all type of spaces, whether is used for specified service needs or acquired for all daily usage. The Steam Mist Surface Unit is definitely one of the best choices to make certain that can facility is using the best technology in currency markets. This single applicator surface unit enables the disinfection of all types of surfaces including high-touch, fully sensitive equipment, and electronics. The room is fully safe to enter within minutes after the ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) mist has been applied.

For a single person application. The handheld application method gives all technicians the freedom to easily manipulate and fully treat all sides of desired objects. Killing bacteria and inactivates viruses that may reduce the risk of exposure from pathogens on all treated surfaces (See EPA label). It helps prevent build-up odors by killing all odor-causing all sorts of bacteria. Validated to comply with all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards. Aerosolized microns and sprays like a gas. Goes over and above, beyond, under, and all around disinfecting sprays units and wipes.Very effective for a whole room treatment in just under 46 minutes including application time and contact time Lesser time is typically needed for smaller sized rooms A fully transportable The application is not a vapor! The Steam Mist Environmental System is transportable, fully automated, remote-controlled and provides complete space decontamination using three (3) applicators per system

Whether is integrating into a facility’s current decontamination protocol and receiving an iHP Steam Mist service by GTA Restoration trained technician, one (1) Environmental system offers effective full whole complete room decontamination in just over 76 minutes (for a room 3,663.8 ft3/104 m3), including all application time, contact time, and full aeration time. Lesser time is typically needed for full smaller size rooms and multiple systems could be used for full larger spaces.

GTA Restoration Uses Professional Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayers by Victory

Disinfection & Sanitization Services in Toronto

Fogg Disinfection & Sanitizing the Following:


- Manufacturing Plants
- Supermarkets-Grocery Stores
- Food Handling Establishments
- Packing Plants-Restaurants
- Fast Food Restaurants
- Food Processing
- Reducing Surface Contamination


- Receiving
- Storage
- Preparation
- Packing (Canning, Bottling, Wrapping, Boxing)
- Waste Storage
- Serving Areas
- Enclosed Processing Systems


- Pre/Post Harvests of Fruits & Vegetables
- Increasing Storage/Shelf Life of All Foods Including Meat, Poultry, & Fish
- Processing and packaging of food


- Garbage Rooms
- Lavatories
- Entry vestibules
- Offices
- Locker-Rooms
- Machine Rooms
- Boiler Rooms
- Garages
- Mop ClosetsStorage

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