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Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips Image Created by GTA Restoration Toronto

Cooking Fire Safety Tips

Preventing a holiday disaster by following these Fire damage safety tips!

For many of us, Thanksgiving is one the best time of year to enjoy a great hearty meal with the company of our loved ones and family friends. and It should be a super joyful time to spent cooking, also decorating, and eating before attending the stores for great shopping on Black Friday. But for some families’ horrific experiences could happen, that great turkey fryer, the oven is burning hot frying fires, and hazards could turn this great joyful holiday into a big disaster. In fact, Thanksgiving is definitely the most common time for homemade cooking, just before heading for Christmas and new year.

In order to prevent your home and families in Toronto and around the world from becoming a part of this disaster statistic by following these Thanksgiving and turkey fire safety tips. This is the best way to can spend the holidays with your friend and family loved ones not have to worry about any potential cooking and creating fires.

Holiday Cooking can turn to Fire Damage Disaster!

If any of your family has already before experienced any holiday fire, get tips so that way it doesn’t have to be the end for your property with your valuable furnishings. While it always seems like such a disaster has ruined everything, there is still always hope for your property structure. Don’t hesitate to call GTA Restoration for any emergency fire and smoke damage restoration services.

For most surfaces covered by soot or smoke, GTA Restoration’s technicians will definitely know exactly how to restore your property to its original condition. By using special commercial products and high-end equipment, technicians will be able to rebuild the home while removing all affected structural damages and return the property to its original condition or better. No matter how far fire spreads, so if a fire or smoke damage happens on Thanksgiving Day, you can depend on our professional technicians to be there during a property these types of emergency.

Thanksgiving Fire Damage Safety Tips!

Ensure that all smoke alarms in your property are working.It is super crucial to notice that the fire before it starts and have a chance to put it out as soon as possible.

Don’t ever leave the oven or stove unattended. Especially when there are young children or pets, make sure to keep a good eye and try to keep them out of the kitchen.

Roll-up your sleeves before turning the burners on. Low hanging clothing always can easily catch fire and will cause severe burns.

Always set up cooking timers. Doing this will prevent and it is more beneficial for you rother than just knowing when to pull the food out of the oven.

Never walk away or deal with many things when cooking on the stove or oven. Keep all pets and young children out of the kitchen while cooking.

Keep all matches and lighters away from children. Advise them to bring it straight to you or another adult if they do find one.

Overcooking from a stove or oven can lead to Fire Damage.

Always keep flammable materials far away from fire burners. Including towels, food wrappers, oven mitts, paper towels, potholders, pizza boxes, and other paper, plastic, and for sure fabric materials.

Turn off cooking appliances when done your cooking. Of course, forgetting to turn off the stove or oven is a common mistake and it has been known in causing a number of cooking fires and smoke damages.

Always remove household objects around cooking. This will definitely prevent fire danger accidents specialty when cooking around the kitchen, especially with guest kids or your kids and pets.

Blowing out all of the candles after everyone has seated for the dinner table!

Remember always to look and take away all electric cords. Especially in around kitchen, remove all the cords from plate warmers, electric knives, mixers, toasters, coffee makers, and other appliances to keep them out of their reach.

Blowing out all candles. As soon as everyone is being done eating, blow out all of the candles around the table, and also don’t forget other candles in the other rooms including the living room, kitchen, and other common seated areas.

Store a fire extinguisher close by. In any event of any possible small kitchen fire, it is necessary to stop any sort of fire before it spreads by keeping a fire extinguisher around the kitchen. Make sure that it is very easily accessible, and always let everyone knows where it is.

By doing this you are always prepared in case of a fire emergency. Always keep the cellphones and numbers of emergency services, such as the fire department, police, hospitals, and disaster restoration service. You will defiantly save tons of time just by calling the direct line instead of looking and searching for it at these types of fire damage situations.

Cooking Turkey Fire Damage Prevention!

Cooking a Turkey, it always provides the extra flavor during a special Thanksgiving meal, but they often are known as one of the most leading causes of Thanksgiving fires. always remember to follow these tips before firing up the fryer on these special and busy occasions.

Never put cloth or newspaper around under a turkey fryer. Keep all these combustible materials far away from the stove fryers.

Keep the fryer always outdoors. Because it can become messy, boiling on grease can splatter everywhere and ruin most furnishings.

Always use an approved fryer to cook. The once’s that have four legs, and with a built-in thermostat, and are super stable. Be always able to measure the oil’s temperature while cooking, these will for sure prevent a fire.

Always follow all use instructions. Even before trying to turn the fryer on, you should make sure to read the instructions to use it properly. Be careful and always choose the right dish sizes, cook the turkey, and specialty what kind of oil it is safe to use with it.

Thaw and drying out the turkey. Remove all the bag of gizzards and make sure not to let stuff burn before putting it in the stove.

Never leave the turkey in the stove fryer unattended. As soon as you turn the stove fryer on, don’t ever leave it alone even for a second. Also, remember to use special gloves instead of oven mitts; the gloves must have proper insulation.

Be careful in splashing cooking oil. Always make sure that the stove fryer is moved away from all combustible materials that can catch fire, including all your property furnishings, etc... Make sure that all baked skin are covered to prevent any serious burns.

Experiencing Holiday Fire or Smoke Damage?

GTA Restoration Emergency team is available 24/7 to provide all fire and smoke damage restoration services.

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