Bathroom Renovations Toronto!

Bathroom Renovation, Design & Ideas!

Is your bathroom looking kind of old and sad? Time for a bathroom renovation? Great! So many things to consider. Tiles, maybe a jet bathtub, heated flooring, so many details that goes into a bathroom design. And what about your shower system? You can create a spa like relaxing experience right in your own bathroom!

Grohe Rainshower Home Renovations in a Toronto House!

Creating the perfect shower system!

When designing a bathroom shower system you need to first discover all the different options you have. From waterfall and rain shower heads, hand held heads with slide bar, jets and sprays, a tiled bench that allows you to enjoy the running water and steam. The options are endless!

To begin, lets look at a handheld shower head on a slide mounting bar. A handheld shower head is great for family members of different heights and ability. The slide bar allows to adjust the height of the showerhead and is great for bathing children and shower without getting your hair wet.

Grohe Triple Rainshower Home unit in Toronto House

Shower jets and body sprays are fantastic and turn your ordinary shower into your own private spa! Body sprays can be adjusted by angle and come in a variety of finishes, matching your bathroom fixtures.

And then we come to wall mounted or ceiling mounted shower heads. It all comes down to personal preference. Rain shower heads and waterfall shower heads come in all different shapes, sizes and finishes and allow the water to fall on the body giving the sensation of soothing rain coming down on you.

Bathroom Renovations in Toronto

No matter how you design your shower system it’s sure to turn the ordinary shower into the extraordinary.

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