Fire Sprinkler Water Damage!

How to avoid sprinkler water damage from fire?

A lot of property owners are worried about their fire sprinkler systems may be falsely triggered and cause serious water damage, this is a very understandable concern. Below we have compiled a few of the potential causes of a false trigger so that you can have some more peace of mind and avoid any possible water damage.

It is important to first understand how a fire sprinkler system works, fire sprinklers are automatically triggered when the sprinkler head reaches a temperature of 155-165 degrees.  In most cases less than three sprinklers will be enough to extinguish a building. In the past fire sprinklers were less reliable and were more likely to be set off accidently, but now they are much more reliable however it is still possible for them to be set off falsely.


If your sprinklers are located near a heat source such as a heater or skylight they might accidently discharge. If you are ever adding any new heat sources to your property it’s important to make sure that the sprinklers are adjusted.


Over time older sprinklers and systems can experience corrosion which can cause parts to weaken and release water. The best way to prevent this is to make sure you are regularly checking for corrosion and inspecting your sprinkler system.


It gets cold in Toronto over the winter and it’s important that you make sure all your pipes are regularly checked and not frozen. If the water in your pipes freezes the expanding ice can cause fittings to be broken and valve caps to open.

Improper Installation:

If the sprinklers were installed incorrectly or forcefully it could cause the parts to loosen or work incorrectly cause damage in the future. It’s important that a professional installs the system with all the proper tools. Having the system inspected regularly is a good way to make sure that no problems will arise in the future.

If you do experience sprinkler water damage call GTA Restoration, our water damage restoration and emergency plumber team are always ready to help 24/7 we can assist you within the whole Greater Toronto Area and will be on site as soon as possible. GTA Restoration also provides Fire Restoration as well as Smoke & Fire Damage Cleanup.


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