What to do in a plumbing emergency Toronto!

What to do on plumbing emergency in Toronto!

Plumbing emergencies differ from regular plumbing issues. When a burst pipe or sewage leakage occurs you need an emergency plumbing professional. An emergency plumbing and restoration company, like GTA Restoration, can quickly respond and resolve your plumbing emergency to minimize the water damage to your home. We can also take care of the flood cleanup and restoration of your belongings and property.

There are some important steps you can take when facing a broken pipe. You can take these steps until the emergency plumbing crew arrives to help minimize damage.

- Turn off the main water stop valve. This will cut water supply to your home. Now the only water that can leak into your home is the water being held in your pipes and plumbing system, this controls the amount of water that can leak into your home.
- Turn on faucets around the home to drain any water that remains into your pipes and plumbing system. The more water you drain by this way, the less water will be there to come out of your broken pipe.
- Turn off your water heater. This is a precaution as you do not want hot water draining into your home and injuring someone. Also, this protects your water heater unit from trying to heat an empty tank and overheating.
- Turn off your electricity. This is a safety precaution to ensure the safety of your family from electrocution. Also, this will protect all appliances and electrical devices in the home from sorting out.
- Call an emergency plumber. After you have completed the steps above call a plumbing emergency company, like GTA Restoration, to address the main plumbing issue and assist in the cleanup and restoration of your home.

GTA Restoration is highly experienced in dealing with all kinds of emergency situations and can be on site in a moments notice. Our team has all the newest equipment and we are ready to help you. Call us at 416-358-6666 during any plumbing emergency.


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